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A killer interview question for an investment adviser: Who do you work for?

The Globe and Mail, by Rob Carrick
April 2011

Unless an adviser is a complete deadhead, he or she is going to say that you come first. But it’s not always true. Some advisers are in business to flog mutual funds, wrap accounts, closed-end funds and other products that have been power-injected with fees and commissions for the people who sell them.

Full text: Does your investment advisor put you first?

Questions to ask when hiring a fiancial planner.

The Ottawa Citizen, by Patrick Langston
March 2011

If the thought of having to write a fat cheque to the government on April 30 has you suddenly thinking it's time to hire a financial planner, you're only partly right. Tax planning, according to the pros, is just one component of a balanced financial plan and only part of what a good financial planner does.

Full text: Strategizing your money matters

Desmond and Molly are sitting pretty. He is 61, she is 56. Both are retired with government pensions large enough to assure they will live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

The Globe and Mail, by Dianne Malley
December 2010

They have substantial savings, in addition to a fair amount of debt – money they have borrowed to invest. The way Desmond sees things, their pensions constitute the fixed-income portion of their capital so their savings are fully invested in stocks and equity-type mutual funds, earning superior returns.

Full text: A retooled strategy needed for retirement

When a client is dealing with the death of a parent, a number of financial and emotional issues arise. You can play a significant role helping the client through this difficult experience.

Investment Executive, by Wendy Cuthbert
November 2010

“It’s important to touch the client emotionally and recognize that they’ve gone through a significant loss”

Full text: Top four questions that arise upon the death of a client’s parent

If you're currently living the single life, you already know it has lots of advantages. You get the whole bed to yourself. You can watch what you want on TV. You can move to a new city on a moment's notice to pursue the career of your dreams. You can live the life you want-and you don't have to compromise.

MSN Money, by Julie Cazzin
October 2010

Except, perhaps, when it comes to your finances. In that realm, it's hard not to feel that couples have it better. After all, when you book a hotel room, you often pay just as much as a couple does. When you go grocery shopping, everything seems to be packaged for two (or more). There's no family discount for you at the zoo, and if you get sick and can't work, there's no one to fall back on.

Full text: Single and secure


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