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Oh, to be young again! It seems the Generation X and Generation Y Canadian cohorts are increasingly optimistic when it comes to attaining early retirement compared to the baby boomer set.

Yahoo! Canada Finance, by Al Emid
January 2012

The big problem with these studies is they don't take into account certain things (like) real estate wealth," he says. An individual who is not actively saving cash but is paying off their mortgage is building equity. Complicating the issue, Lamontagne explains many individuals find it difficult to self-assess how much money they have in their pension plans. "It's an income at a time in the future. Often it's very difficult to figure out exactly how much you have for retirement" he suggests.

Full text: Gen X and Gen Y: Deluded when it comes to retirement?

How would you like a nice 14% average total return each year for the past decade from your real estate holdings? Before you rush out and start looking for something in the red-hot condominium sector, you might want to take a quick glance at the Canadian real estate investment-trust sector.

Financial Post, by Garry Marr
December 2011

Marc Lamontagne, a certified financial planner at Ryan Lamontagne Inc., says he's a proponent of clients owning rental properties but concedes cash flow-positive returns are getting harder to come by. He also points to the tax advantages of owning property directly, although REITs have their own special tax treatment.

Full text: REITs more than a roof over your head

Like many parents, Kim Petch and her husband have wrestled with a dilemma at one time or another: Should they spend more on giving the kids a good start on life or pay down debt faster and save for retirement? They recently opted for a compromise solution

Globe and Mail, by Larry MacDonald
December 2011

Two of their teenage sons are taking music lessons to prepare for music programs at university. But the fees are hefty, and the Petches find they are putting aside plans to accelerate mortgage payments and contribute to registered retirement saving plans, says Mrs. Petch, who is author of the Balance Junkie blog.

Full text: How to spend on your kids and lower debt

My wife and I would like to use the S80,OOO we hold in RRSPs to purchase a cottage. Can we hold the cottage inside an RRSP and treat it like an investment?

Ask Moneysense, by Marc Lamontagne
December 2011

No, you can't hold property inside an RRSP - but you can hold what's called a self- directed mortgage.

Full text: Self-directed mortgage

Canadians love Tax-Free Savings Accounts, but are you getting the full benefit?

MoneySense.ca, by Julie Cazzin
November 2011

When Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) first appeared in January 2009, millions of Canadians embraced them with open arms - and open wallets. Even if we're not a nation of diligent savers, we love lowering our taxes, and TFSAs allow you to save and invest money without paying any tax on your growth. That means all your Interest, dividends and capital gains are sheltered for your lifetime, even when you withdraw the funds.

Full text: Get more out of your TFSA


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