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Want to build a nest egg that gives you the growth you need while protecting you from crashes? Here’s how to do it.

MoneySense Magazine, Julie Cazzin
February/March 2012

“The only way to properly answer those questions is to put together a comprehensive financial plan that sets out your short- and long-term financial goals,” says Marc Lamontagne, a fee-based adviser with Ryan Lamontagne Inc. in Ottawa."

Full text: A Perfect Portfolio

As the RRSP deadline approaches, some Canadians wonder whether they should use a TFSA instead. Here’s how to find out.

MoneySense Magazine, Julie Cazzin
February/March 2012

"As a general rule, says Marc Lamontagne, a fee-based adviser with Ryan Lamontagne Inc. in Ottawa, if you are making less than $41,000 a year, you’ll likely comeout ahead over the long run with a TFSA."

Full text: RRSP OR TFSA?

Here's some tough love from your investment adviser: You're not saving enough, you're not engaged enough in your finances and you're too in love with your losing investments

The Globe and Mail, Rob Carrick
January 2012

"Some retired clients will repeatedly ask me if they will run out of money even if they have over a million dollars in investable assets. This leads them to living below their means. They will spend the interest on their investments, but never the capital."

Full text: Here's what your adviser really thinks of you


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