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Randy and Gabriel have three real estate properties, lots of debt and no financial plan.

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
November 2014

Even though Randy and Gabriel have a net worth of $719,500, they have a lot to be worried about. "About 90% of their assets are in one asset - southern Ontario real estate" says fee-only financial planner Vickie Campbell.

Full text: A Modern Family Plan

Jade Jefferson’s cancer scare taught her that you only live once.

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
October 2014

"Earning a higher rate of return would give them a buffer in later life should the need arise, but it’s not necessary" says certified financial planner Marc Lamontagne. .

Full text: Spending It All

Ales is a great saver but his investment strategy borders on speculative.

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
May 2014

"Thanks to his great saving habits, Eisner is unquestionably on track to achieve his goal", says Marc Lamontagne, a certified financial planner in Ottawa.

Full text: Am I On Track?

Marc Lamontagne was rated one of the Top Spokespeople in the Canadian tax advice industry during the early part of 2014.

May 2014

The goal of this report is to show the amount and nature of tax-related coverage mentioning the major Canadian banks, tax advisers and consultants in the media, and to track the share of voice of players in the Canadian tax advice industry during the early part of 2014.

Full text: Canadian Tax Industry Snapshot

It’s a smarter, more comprehensive robo competitor than Canadian advisors have seen, but that could soon change.

Wealth Professional, Sophie Nicholls
April 2014

Ontario advisor, Marc Lamontagne of Ryan Lamontagne Inc. acknowledges the convenience of online platforms, but says the advice offered would be limited, and can't replace the one-on-one connection with a real human being.

Full text: Digital Financial Advisors Make Headway


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