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"Seg" funds no longer make much sense

MoneySense Magazine, by Julie Cazzin
October 2008

If you’re a senior citizen, a small business owner or simply a cautious investor, you’ve probably heard sales pitches for what are known as segregated funds. Our advice? Steer clear.

“Seg” funds are offered by insurance companies; at first glance, they look much like mutual funds. But seg funds impose very high fees — as much as 4% a year, which is substantially more than the 2% to 2.5% that most mutual funds charge, and four to 10 times what index funds bill you.

So why would anyone buy a seg fund? A major appeal used to be that creditors could not seize seg funds if you went bust. So if you had concerns about your financial health, or ran a small business in a risky industry, seg funds provided you with a lockbox that your creditors couldn’t get into if things went wrong.

Full text: Segregated funds: A cracked nest egg

Chances are you've already spent the bonus you've been expecting — in your imagination, anyway. It's not hard for most people to come up with ways to spend a lump of money

Manulife Investments WealthStyles Articles

But the first thing to consider, says Marc Lamontagne, a cerified financial planner with Ryan Lamontagne Inc. in Ottawa, is that the lump sum you're anticipating is probably not what it seems, because you haven't paid tax on it yet.

Full text: Stretching your bonus

The Blitts want to help their daughter and her fiancé buy their first house. But with their own retirement looming, how generous can they be?

Financial Post Business, by David Dias
April 2008

It's hard to enjoy financial freedom when your kids are struggling to get by. Just ask Kevin and Linda Blitt. The Ottawa suburbanites, 52 and 48 respectively, earn a household income of $155,000, and have amassed a net worth of more than $850,000.

Full text: Oh, give them a home


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